The Significance of the Date

by Zachary ~ August 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Wedding.

It turns out that neither the proposal or the wedding will fall on our “ideal” dates. My plan was to propose on August 14, 2009 and get married on August 14, 2010. August 14 is significant because Clarissa and I began dating on August 14, 2008, and we somewhat informally and non-verbally decided that a year to date and a year to be engaged would be appropriate for us. However, my master’s thesis defense got pushed back possibly conflicting with the August 14, 2009 date so I decided to propose earlier when Clarissa came to visit me. When we called St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church on Monday, someone had already booked August 14, 2010 so we decided to take the weekend before.

2 Responses to The Significance of the Date

  1. Ashley

    So the wedding date is officially August 7, 2010??

  2. Clarissa

    Yes, August 7, 2010

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