A Mother’s Perspective

by Zachary ~ October 5th, 2009. Filed under: Courtship.

My mother Donna wanted to contribute a bit to our blog. She wrote about my first date with Clarissa from her perspective.

I will admit that when Zachary and Clarissa would go out together during their college breaks I would secretly raise an eyebrow and wonder if there was something going on between them. I had the good sense, however, to keep my mouth shut. Zachary’s sister, Chelsea, did not.

I lost track of the number of times the following scenario played out: Zachary would come home and Chelsea would ask how his date went. Zachary would reply that it was not a date. Chelsea would then start grilling Zachary about what it was, if it wasn’t a date. At this point I would step in and remind Chelsea that Zachary and Clarissa have been good friends since the fourth grade. Next, I would take Chelsea aside and chew her out. Chelsea would respond that she would just like to see them get together. I would tell her that I would like to see them get together, also. However, her badgering him about it was not going to make it happen. I would end my lecture by demanding that Chelsea, “GET OFF HIS BACK!”

We had all gone to mass the evening of Thursday, August 14, 2008 because it was a holy day. Zachary and Clarissa had plans to leave from church to go see the new Batman movie. Chelsea suggested they take her along. Zachary and Clarissa replied that they couldn’t because they were going out for a drink first. (They were legal age, but Chelsea was not.)

When Zachary returned home that evening I asked him how the movie was. He said it was good and headed downstairs. A few seconds later there was an incredible commotion coming from the basement and Zachary came running up the stairs with Chelsea right behind him. Chelsea was screaming, “Really? Really?!! Was it REALLY?!!!!” Zachary plopped down at the kitchen table, put his head in his hands, and wailed, “Yes, it WAS a date! Oh, how did I let her get that out of me?!”

I think I can explain. I’m sure that when Zachary went downstairs, Chelsea asked her usual question, “How was your date?” Zachary, being a bit preoccupied, absent-mindedly answered, “Good.” And that’s when the screaming started.

Yeah, that all sounds about right. I believe I said nothing, and that was all that Chelsea needed.

2 Responses to A Mother’s Perspective

  1. Matthew Kampa

    Excuse me for a moment while I go and dry my tears of laughter with a tissue….okay back now. Greatest first date story ever.

    Matthew J. Kampa
    Brother of The Bride

  2. Colette

    I may as well add since I am rereading this again, as well as newly reading the comment, that it is an entirely fabulous story, and that Matt’s comment makes it all the funnier.