Corelle Registry

by Zachary ~ May 5th, 2010. Filed under: Wedding.

Last Saturday, Clarissa and I took a trip out to the Albertville Outlet Mall to visit the Corningware/Corelle/Revere store. We were most interested in checking out the Corelle dishes, which both of our families have used at home for many years. We wandered around the store checking out the different patterns available for the Corelle dishes. I was pretty set on going with plain white, but I decided to attempt to keep an open mind and look over the patterns for Clarissa’s sake. I found some that I liked but none that I would want to have. It will be a sore spot in our marriage. In 10 years, we will have a conversation that will go something like this:

“Clarissa, please don’t leave your clothes all over the floor.”
“Deal with it. I have to deal with our plain, white, boring Corelle dishes every day!”

After we had looked over the store, we found an employee and inquired about adding items to our registry. She pulled out a three-ring binder from behind the counter. We explained that we had already set up a registry on the World Kitchen website and had been told that we would be able to access it in the store. Next she walked over to a computer, tried to log onto it a few times, shut the machine down while trying to reboot it, fumbled around looking for the power button, booted the computer, launched a web browser, and told us we could add items to our registry on the computer. Clarissa and I were a little confused. We asked if there were a way to add items to our registry using a barcode scanner like we had done at Target. The woman looked confused and said she didn’t think we could do that. We thanked her and said we would add the items ourselves from home. We walked around the store and made note of the items that we were interested in adding to our registry. Then we left, browsed a few more stores at the mall, and headed back to Maple Grove to visit Kohl’s.

The Corelle Registry is up, and the items can be purchased at the outlet mall or online. However, if you do go to the mall, we recommend you print out the registry first. Just in case.

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