Christmas Decorating

by Clarissa ~ December 7th, 2010. Filed under: Other.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Zachary and I decorated our house for Christmas. I wound the railing with lights and garland and hung ornaments from the garland.

Then I hung the wreaths on our door. Sadly, the space between the door and screen door was too small, so I hung it on the inside of the door and put a smaller wreath on the outside.

Next was the tree. Zachary and I had decided to buy an artificial Christmas tree to avoid the hassle of a real one. (Hauling one with our small car to our house, the allergy issues that come with it, and disposal after it has dried up and died makes a real tree not so appealing.)┬áSince that decision, we have been in the market for an artificial Christmas tree, but haven’t gotten one yet. We have hit up a few aunts and uncles to see if they have an extra tree, but haven’t succeeded in mooching one. In the meantime, I decided to decorate our palm tree.

1 Response to Christmas Decorating

  1. natalie

    You guys are on top of it….we haven’t even put up our wreath.