Calling the Parents

by Clarissa ~ August 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Engagement.

When we called our parents, we decided to call Donna first. Donna had known that Zachary was going to propose, and evidently so did my dad. Zachary had called him the Tuesday before to ask for my father’s blessing. Really my mom was the only one who “didn’t know” that  we were getting engaged. Even though it was late at night, (12:30 in the morning) we decided to call my house. Matt was the only one up, and after answering starting asking me if I knew what time it was. I ended up getting him to stop chastising me by saying “Matt, it’s important!” Then after Zachary and I told him we were engaged, he said “Ohhhhhhhhhh. Congratulations!” After we talked to Matt for a bit, I got him to wake up Mom and Dad. Even though she sounded half asleep, I finally got to tell my mom the exciting news: “I’m engaged!”

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  1. Colette

    Eventually we found out that a few more people than JUST Dad and Donna knew Zachary was going to propose. Dad was, and still is, so excited that you’re getting married, so he couldn’t keep it to himself. It was soo funny when you found out that there were more people that knew before you. I too am excited that you’re getting married….in fact, I’m sure the entire family is.

  2. Matthew Kampa

    Yay Marriage!

    Brother of The Bride

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