Initial Reactions to our Engagement

by Zachary ~ August 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Engagement.

After the initial excitement had worn off, we decided to call our parents. We called my mother first and put her on speakerphone. Since I had gone engagement ring shopping with my mother, she already knew. I said, “guess what?” She said, “congratulations!” We talked for a while, and then decided to call Clarissa’s parents.

After the family phone calls, we decided to head back to the Men’s Catholic House. When we got home, most of the people from the Brewer’s game were still hanging out at the house. (It was now close to 1:30am.) We entered and David Kruse, Tom Klind, and manly company started excitedly singing. Since I had already told Rebecca Baehrend, I asked her if she had told them. She looked horrified and told me that she had not. When Dave and company started singing about Michael Tedone, I knew they had no clue what had just happened. Rebecca tried to quiet them down, while the more observant individuals began congratulating us. Dave and company were very annoyed that they were being silenced, but they did eventually stop singing. When the room was quiet, I announced, “I would like you all to meet my new fiancée.” Dave and company then went completely wild. They started singing again and congratulating us. Clarissa and I got to tell everyone how it happened. Some of the guys even went out and bought ice cream. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our new engagement.

Clarissa and I didn’t get to bed until 3:30am!

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  1. Clare's Dad

    I was just wondering since you introduced Clare as your new fiancee – who was the old one?

  2. Clarissa

    Very funny Dad 😛

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