The Proposal

by Zachary ~ August 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Engagement.

Clarissa drove down to Milwaukee on Friday, July 24th and got here around 2pm. The plan was to tailgate with about 15 other people before the Milwaukee Brewer’s game. Since there was a chance of rain, we had our cookout at the Men’s Catholic House (my house), and then we went to the game.

After the game, Clarissa and I decided to go for a walk by the Milwaukee river. I packed a backpack with a rose, a ring, an umbrella, and our windbreakers. (I told Clarissa I had packed an umbrella because it might rain.) We left around 11pm. When we got to the river, we started walking around. We ended up sitting on one of the circular stepped outcroppings between Wells and Kilbourn. The Kilbourn bridge is nicely lit at night with lights that slowly change color. We decided to sit down and watched the bridge for a while.

We talked casually for a while with our arms around each other. After a while, I directed our conversation toward talking about our relationship. I told Clarissa how happy I am that we started dating and how much we have learned about each other. After a bit more conversation, I took the ring out of the backpack (somewhat ungracefully as it had fallen to the bottom of the bag), opened the case, and asked Clarissa to marry me. (It was midnight.)

Clarissa said yes without any hesitation whatsoever. She was so excited, and she loved the ring. Then I gave her the rose to go with her ring.

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  1. Kim Niedermann

    Yay Clare! I am so happy for you!!!

  2. Clarissa

    Thanks 🙂

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