Reception Hall

by Clarissa ~ September 7th, 2009. Filed under: Wedding.

FINALLY, after many visits to a bunch of fantastic venues, we have selected a reception hall! At first, Zachary and I weren’t sure what we were looking for in a reception hall, but as we saw more locations and what they offered, we began to get a better idea. We realized that not all halls would serve Zachary’s grandfather’s wine, which we really wanted to do. (Look for it at the wedding!) Also, I liked the idea of not having to decorate the hall too much.

Since Zachary is in Milwaukee until December, I visited all of reception halls. Two people that really helped me were my mom and soon to be mother-in-law, Donna. My mom went to most of the reception hall viewings with me, and Donna went to all of them. (Natalie and Colette came to a few, too!) Donna also helped do an analysis of the different halls, so we could figure out which ones we liked best.

The reception hall we decided to go with was actually a last minute addition. My mom had heard from a friend that we should check out St. Vincent De Paul, and when I walked in the door I thought, “Wow, I want my reception here.” It has windows, a lovely entry-way, nice tables and chairs, a patio, a dance floor, table decorations, and the flexibility that Zachary and I wanted for a reception hall. (Not to mention my brother assured me that the food is good, too!)

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