Proposal Preparations

by Zachary ~ October 5th, 2009. Filed under: Engagement.

This is of course old news now, but it is something that I wanted to document and share with those who have not heard the whole story in person.

I had originally planned to propose on August 14, 2009. Therefore, when the middle of June rolled around, I planned a trip home to see Clarissa and my family, and I called my mother up and asked if she would like to go engagement ring browsing with me. She agreed, and we decided that the last day that I was home, Sunday, June 21, should work well. I had a nice weekend at home, and on Sunday, my mother and I went and checked out the Jared location in Maple Grove. We were greeted by a representative named Jane, and she explained the different options and helped us browse through some different diamonds and bands. That day, I looked at a nice Leo diamond and a simple solitaire band that I liked, and I knew Clarissa would like, too. Jane was no pressure, and since I did not want to buy that day, she wrote down my contact information and the stone and band information. Then we left. I knew I would be back home to make the purchase before August 14.

Then the beginning of July rolls around. It has become clear that I am not going to be able to defend my thesis in time to make the August graduation deadline. That means I will still be in Milwaukee on August 14. Clarissa has made a few subtle hints about engagements and weddings. August 14 quits looking like such an ideal date. On July 10, I called up Jane to see what my options are. They still have the same diamond and band in the store. I decide that I want it. It was designed to be a proposal ring so that Clarissa and I could go back in later and select a different band and a wedding band to go with it. Jane finalizes the details, but the transaction must be paid for by the person who picks up the ring. That is inconvenient, but my mother agrees to pay temporarily so that she can pick up the ring for me.

My mother picked up the ring on Tuesday, July 21. Clarissa was planning on visiting me the next weekend, and my mother always sends a paper bag or two full of food and mail for me. She slipped the ring in with a pair of flip flops for me in the bottom of the bag and covered the box with boxes of cereal. Clarissa picked up the bag from my mother and brought it to Milwaukee for me. I proposed that Friday night, and she never even knew she brought her own engagement ring to Milwaukee!

The proposal ring.

The proposal ring.

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