Target Registry

by Zachary ~ April 28th, 2010. Filed under: Wedding.

Last Saturday, Clarissa and I went to the Plymouth Target to add items to our Club Wedd registry. We had created the registry online the previous week and added a few items to it, but finding items on the Target website was not entirely easy. Going into the store worked out much better. When we arrived, we asked for a barcode scanning gun linked to our registry. Then we got to walk around the store, point the gun at merchandise, and pull the trigger.

I was particularly pleased to find a white wastebasket for our registry. (The alligators and polka dots we found online just weren’t to my taste.) Clarissa was pleased to find juice pitchers that just didn’t seem to be available online either. We had much better luck looking at the sheets and comforters in the store and selected something quite nice. We had similar luck with towels and washcloths. However, our barcode scanner was convinced momentarily that the washcloths that we liked were actually Pyrex measuring cups. The scanner also informed us that the dishtowels were seasonal and could not be added. It worked better the second time. Carrying around the gun was enough for one shopper to ask where he might find water softener salt. When we informed him that we were only registering for our wedding, he apologized, congratulated us, and went in search of an employee in red.

The barcode scanning gun is quite a bit of fun to play with, and I recommend it for anyone who is working on a registry. It makes a satisfying beep every time you shoot a piece of merchandise. However, there are a few things that could make it better. The most important of these is a holster. After walking around the store for a while, I decided to try to add Clarissa to the registry. The gun did not beep, and nothing appeared on the screen. Clarissa insists that it is because you just can’t put a price on her. I am pretty sure I just didn’t find the barcode. Eventually I started to tire on the whole registry thing, and I tried to shoot myself. It was similarly ineffective.

The good news is that the bulk of the registry is complete, and you are free to browse.

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  1. Matthew Kampa

    As I sit in my apartment study lounge at about 3 A.M. having finished my homework and now just meandering around, I find that reading this blog and some good Frank Sinatra music make for a very enjoyable blog. There’s a sort of dry humor to it (though I’m not sure that dry is the exact word I’m looking for). I look forward to the wedding and to the prolonged joining of the both of you in wedlock.

    Best Wishes,

    Matthew J. Kampa

    Brother of the Bride