Wedding Cakes

by Clarissa ~ May 2nd, 2010. Filed under: Wedding.

I think one of my favorite wedding “chores” was to go wedding cake tasting. I liked tasting cakes, designing cakes, and talking about cakes! Zachary and I were surprised at how similar our tastes in cakes were. (No pun intended.)

Zachary and I visited three wedding cake places before making our decision.

We knew about Dobo’s Cafe & Bakeshop‎ because my family buys the best buns from there. Zachary and I met with Sandy, the cake lady at Dobos. She was very nice and friendly and has been making cakes since she was 15. (She has a daughter in college now.) Sandy was great at helping us decide what we wanted our cake to look and taste like. She had little cupcakes for us to taste and even made us a few specially requested cupcakes of the type we liked.

The second place we visited was Queen of Cakes. We met with Elizabeth, who was very nice and was also great to work with. She talked with us about our cake and what we liked. She brought out a plate with slices of about six different kinds of cakes. All of them were delicious.

Our last cake place was Cakes for All Occasions, recommended to me by a friend from church. Diane is the woman that owns and creates the cakes. She used to have a cafe and cake shop in Minneapolis, but has since moved the cake business to her home. Diane was very nice and had the cupcakes ready for us to taste when we arrived. While tasting them, we learned that the cupcakes we were tasting had been frozen for two months but they tasted like they were fresh! Her cakes, she let us know, would not be frozen at all before it was served at our wedding so it would taste the best then.

It was a tough choice, and all the cakes we tasted were good, but in the end we decided to have our cake made by Cakes for All Occasions. We hope you enjoy it!

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